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  • Full-Cycle Development

    Solutions for logistics, SaaS, and e-commerce that generate consistent revenue from millions of users, supporting our clients from launch to exist and beyond.

    Website solutions

    Excite your customers with the aesthetic look and feel of your web solution. We build websites and platforms of great performance and beautiful design to present your business value best.

    Mobile Applications

    Excellent look and feel are essential for a successful mobile product, that's what we focus on when developing iOS and Android apps for our clients. Whether it's a native or cross-platform app.

    UI/UX Design

    Get your brand noticed with a user-friendly design that looks exactly right. We perform the whole UI/UX process from user research to visual designs to create a catchy user experience.

    Robotic Process Automation

    RPA agents emulate human actions in computer systems & applications. The robot has a virtual workplace, from which it can perform numerous operations with data using an on-screen keyboard, mouse.

    Big Data

    State-of-the-art IT solutions are capable of extracting and analyzing information from very large data sets. As a result, executive decision-making can rely on solid knowledge rather than on intuition only.

    Internet of Things

    Technology of remote communication between electronic devices via various network channels without human intervention. It powers self-managed systems can automatically collect the data.

    Emerging Technologies

    • AI & ML

      Integrate the smart technologies into your digital solutions. We implement artificial intelligence and machine learning in business processes to leverage the biggest value out of your data.

    • Extended Reality (AR/VR/MR)

      Extended Reality (XR) is a relatively new term. Expanded Reality combines concepts such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR).

    • ERP & Technology

      ERP is modular software and it stores information gathered from different departments in a central database. We turn your business challenges into turnkey digital products be it a custom software, web application, mobile app, or a digital solution design.

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    DigiTran Technologies

    DigiTran, we believe that our company's image and spirit are a reflection of a great team. Our goal to continue learning, improving, and sharing what we do has been one of the main drivers in shaping the DigiTran to what it is today. At the DigiTran, we surround ourselves with inspiring and dedicated people to feed off of each other's energy and good vibes. We believe this gives our company the dynamic power it requires to continue to thrive.

    Our mission at DigiTran is to offer superior and innovative software to those who wish to craft the digital future of humankind. We do this by bringing together talented people, and by holding ourselves to a higher standard of honesty, commitment, quality service to our clients. As of now, our strong relationships with our clients tell us that we are doing it right.

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    What we can do

    We help startups, small and mid-size businesses achieve their goals with high-quality software development services from perhaps the best source of outstaffing vendors in the world, Manipal, India. We create exceptional, user-driven web applications and design attractive, intuitive web developments in SAAS platforms, as well as 3D high-realistic visualizations, With years of collective experience, we understand what you want and how to get you the assistance you need, whether you are an individual, startup, or business owner. We are here to help you automate your offline business and optimize your online business. Together we can bring your ideas to life, save you time in coding, meet deadlines, improve, and enhance your product.

    The advantages you'll get

    Agile & Waterfall combination

    Software development is the process of continuous iterative improvement. Following the Agile principles, we also know when the best approaches of Waterfall can help. No matter how promising, every new technology needs time to prove itself. So, in our work, we rely on the ones that are reliable yet rapidly evolving.

    Impressive cost-efficiency

    The costs for software outsourcing development in India are quite different from those of other countries. The subsistence level, price rates, and wages are not high there. Hiring Indian developers can help tech companies to increase their productivity. In such a way, the same budget will provide them with better results.

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    To solve the challenges facing your business, we will provide a solution map with prioritized project estimates we’re about to implement. we deliver mobile-friendly custom web-apps within your budget.

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    We do powerful and highly customized website development for your ideas happen. Our team are exceptionally focused and offer the best services. We consider each to be a chance to upgrade the conceivable outcomes of your business.

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    It is always the result of an intelligent effort of our team in which they always pursue good services for you. We build long-term business relations with our clients and strive to provide customized quality assurance solutions.

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    We are ready to support your project with development of mobile version of your website, the native app development (both iOS and Android) or cross-platform tools. To make simple is not always easy, as it requires understanding.

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    Our clients are always active participants in the project development lifecycle, controlling the progress and having an opportunity to introduce changes at any time. As a result, we guarantee high quality of the final product and our services.

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    To relate is to understand, make connections, and identify with. We strive to understand our clients unique stories and visions so that we can successfully relate that to their customers, staff, and key stakeholders.

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      "The DigiTran delivered two solutions that met all technical requirements and are being successfully used by customers."

      Marcel Smith, UK, Business Owner

    •  Testimonial Avatar

      "The team’s language skills, high-quality design work, and technical abilities have stood out as this partnership continues."

      Chris John, USA, Business Owner

    •  Testimonial Avatar

      "Approaching problem solving with a hands-on, user-centric mindset leads to innovation, a competitive advantage."

      Hans Van, USA, Business Owner

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